Connectics Antenna Terminal Block Board to Board Wire to Board Circular Connectors Coaxial connector and adapter Cordset for connectors Rings and test pads Optical Fiber Connectors Filtered Connectors High Speed and Backplane Sealed Connectors Spring loaded Contacts Power Connectors Backshells and caps Rectangular connectors RJ and USB field Connectors D-Micro and D-Sub Connectors Holder for Batteries Wires and Cables Accessories and Labeling systems aeronautic cables Coaxial Cable Power Cables Optical Cables Cables based upon your own specification charts Pre-assembled cables Shielded multicore Cable Clamping ring baseplate and fastening device for cable clamps Labels Industrial labels Lacing tapes Electric Wire Protective Sleeves Siliconized fibreglass sleeves Insulating jacket PVC, PTFE Sleeves Heat Shrink Sleeves Cross-braiding open sleeves Printer and Software self-soldering and heat-shrinking sleeves Cable connections Adhesive Tape Fastening elements Insulation systems Passive Components Coilformers for Ferrite Power ceramic capacitor High Temperature Ceramic Capacitors High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors HF Ceramic Capacitors Hyperfrequency ceramic Capacitors Electrolytic Capacitors Power film Capacitors Specific Capacitors High reel tantalum Capacitor Trimmer Capacitors Ferrite Feedthru Filters SMD Filters PCB Filters EMC & Output Filters Fuses, Circuit Breakers Thermal Protector / Thermal Cut-out Inductance Potentiometers, resistors, and resistor arrays I/O Filter High Precision Resistors Power resistors High Temperature Resistors Varistors Selfs Rheostat Transformers Electromechanical Components Piezoceramic Speakers & Amplifiers Push Buttons Rotary Switches Buzzers, Alarms, and Sirens Cross-flow and Pressure Sensors Racks & Cabinets Interconnection Cords Heatsinks, standard or under specifications Thermal Dissipation Hexagonal Cylindrical Spacers (metal or plastic) I/O Devices Filtered Switches Contacts Fuse Holders Switches Fans & Turbines EMC, RF & HYPER Components Contact strips Shielding body Attenuator, Load Honeycomb Filters Metal Braided Sheath EMI Woven Sleeves Silicone Conductive Gaskets Adhesive Conductive Tape Conductive wire meshes Conductive Foam Grounding Straps Shielded Windows